Photo by Celeste Noche

Photo by Celeste Noche

Molly Woodstock


Molly is the founder, host, producer, and editor of Gender Reveal. They are queer, nonbinary, and Indigenous.

When not making podcasts, Molly writes and edits for Portland Monthly and Travel Portland. Find them on Twitter, Instagram, and


Z Griffler


Z is a film documentarian and editor, ringtone activist, and an advocate for asexual visibility and education. They're also the editor of the Open Sanctuary Project. Find them at


Michelle Leigh


Michelle Leigh designed Gender Reveal's logo and currently works as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator in Portland, Oregon. Michelle enjoys visiting libraries and museums, watching horror movies, and drawing portraits of your pets. Check out and Instagram for more.


Breakmaster Cylinder


The legendary Breakmaster Cylinder composed the Gender Reveal theme song. We don't know who they are, but we're pretty sure they're cool. Hire them to make your theme song!

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Liza Yeager


Liza helped us produce, edit, and mix the first several episodes of Gender Reveal. Her work has aired on NPRWNYC, Oregon Public Broadcasting, Rhode Island Public Radio, and beyond.

Liza is also the co-founder of  Now Here This. Find her work at