A  podcast about what the heck gender is.


What is Gender Reveal?

Gender Reveal is a podcast for nonbinary folks, for people who don't know what "nonbinary" means, and everyone in between. 

Created by journalist and educator Molly Woodstock, Gender Reveal amplifies the stories of trans and nonbinary folks. The show also serves as a free educational tool for people seeking to learn more about gender. We even made an entire episode (Gender 101) that explains terminology like cisgender, TERF, and genderqueer.

Join us every Monday as we interview trans artists and activists, answer listener questions, analyze current events, and get a little bit closer to understanding what the heck gender is.


"…if a podcast does change your life, it will probably be this one."

A real gender reveal itunes review.


Workshops and Live Shows

What's better than listening to Gender Reveal? Experiencing all that gender magic in real life! Gender Reveal is currently available for booking live shows, which include an hour of news commentary, advice, interviews, and more.

In addition, host Molly Woodstock is available for workshops, talks, panels, consultations, and interviews. Please visit for more information.